Creative Portrait Photographer – Brighton – Mr Dilly’s World of Wonder

At the end of the second day of being the event photographer for Mr Dilly’s World of Wonder shows at Brighton Marina, I took the opportunity of doing a few creative portraits of Mr Dilly, aka Marcus, as we had about half an hour before the events team arrived to dismantle the circus tent.

Marcus had brought along his smoke machine so we were able to inject a bit of drama and give some of the shots the feeling of him just about to appear through the curtain from backstage and a few from the front where he is bursting through! I set up a two-light system – one key light lighting Marcus from the front right with reflector to fill the heavy shadows and another behind him to illuminate the smoke and add to the atmosphere.

Marcus was great, despite being exhausted after putting on 3 shows that afternoon and he was really pleased with the outcome in such a short window of time. Ta-da!

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