Brighton Photographer for Teladoc Health UK

Website photography & corporate headshots often go hand-in-hand when a company are looking to update their imagery. When redesigning your website, it’s a good idea to get both done at the same time to save costs and limit disruption to your business. Teladoc Health UK got in touch as they wanted a Brighton photographer to do just this. They were holding a meeting at their Brighton office for staff members from across the UK. And so they thought it wise to update their headshots in Brighton and get some professional branding images too.


Teladoc Health UK wanted simple, clean headshots against a light grey background. As a technology provider in the medical sector, they wanted their staff to appear friendly and approachable. They also wanted some images of someone using the apps they provide as well as some photos of staff in their call centre. As a bonus for them, I set up a couple of images of staff in a meeting. It’s always nice to offer a little extra for clients!


Headshot photography:

Space was limited in the meeting room assigned to me for the headshots. So, I set up one large octobox as the key light slightly to camera right and a reflector underneath. There wasn’t enough room for my background so I also used a light to slightly illuminate the wall behind. Here’s a diagram of my setup:

There were 17 staff members who came in to see me for their headshot. Here’s a selection:

Website Photography

Website photography and professional branding is something that I love to create for clients. It’s the imagery that shows how a company operates, gives an insight into their personality and shows the face(s) behind the brand. Professional branding photography is just as, if not more important than the text accompanying it on a website. Website visitors are drawn to the images first and their impact is key to whether they stay or click on.

As well as directing or posing staff for certain images, I always feel it’s important to capture them naturally as they are working. It gives an authenticity and genuine feel to the images which website visitors can easily differentiate from staged shots. And this helps to garner trust and value in a brand.

I captured some images of a few people in the call centre who were chatting to customers and each other. It was important to show how they interact with their customers but I also wanted to capture the friendly nature of their working environment:

Product Photography

The last images that I shot were of someone using the many apps that Teladoc Health UK provide. I set up an environment that looked like a user’s home dining room with props. I then photographed the screen of a phone over the shoulder of a staff member. Teladoc Health UK provide several apps for different clients. Here are a couple of examples:


As a company, the quality of your online presence has never been more important. A customer’s first port of call when discovering your company is nearly always via your website. Do you have great quality, professional headshots of your staff to give a friendly and approachable face to your brand? Does your website photography reflect your core values and beliefs about how a company should operate in the 21st century? If you answered ‘no’ to these questions, it’s essential you address this. Show your potential customers you care about your own people and their environment and what to expect when they interact with your business. These attributes are not a ‘nice to have’ but are key to instilling trust in your brand for your customers.

If you need a Brighton photographer for your website photography & corporate headshots, please do get in touch. Interested in how I work? Read more stories from other headshot shoots or website photography jobs. Thanks for stopping by.