Commercial Photography

Professional branding

Commercial photographer in London, Brighton and the South East capturing the culture and vibe of companies. Future customers like to get an insight into who they're doing business with. Fly-on-the-wall style images of meetings, procedures and operations on your website gives them that insight.

Authentic Imagery

Website photography in Brighton and Sussex is one of my specialities. As well as posing people, I like to capture their realistic interactions and working practices as naturally as possible. This ensures an authentic look and feel of the company and its people which has a knock-on effect to their perception of your business when visiting your website.

Behind the scenes

Customers also like to see images of the premises alongside a map and find out more about the services and facilities associated with a company. Photos of the inner-workings of your business, your procedures and the services you have on offer can give customers trust in your company.

"We use Adam for photography work on the educational programmes at the Design Museum. His work is easily the best that I've seen and it's the reason that I've kept him as a freelance photographer for the last three organisations that I've worked for."

David Houston, The Design Museum - Branding photography client