Headshot Photographer in Hampshire

Headshot photography allows me to meet lots of different people all over, including Fleet in Hampshire. When Emma from Portman Dental Care recently commissioned me to provide headshots for their Fleet practice, I spent the day working with lots of friendly, smiling faces as a headshot photographer in Hampshire.


Due to the nature of the business, I had to set up my mobile studio around the dental chair in one of the practice rooms. A first for Adam Hollingworth Photography! The team couldn’t spare their meeting room as it was being used. Therefore, being always happy to meet a challenge, I started setting up. There were 14 staff members who needed new headshots on a clean, white background so we got cracking.


Space was very limited and there was barely any room for light stands (especially after erecting my white background as dental equipment in the background just wouldn’t do). So, I decided on the large 60″ octobox as the main light source, slightly to camera-right, pointing down. I lit the white background to brighten it and positioned a reflector underneath the subject to lift shadows.

Shoot Diagram (no dental chair icons available!). Thanks to lightingdiagrams.com for allowing pro photographers the use of their very cool Online Lighting Diagram Creator!

Post Production

I made the background pure white and performed some standard headshot retouching. That was it!


The team were all pleased with the results of their headshots. And Emma appreciated that I made it work in a very small and equipment-cluttered environment. It’s always good to provide the client with great headshots that they’re really happy with. However, it’s equally important to be accommodating and face any obstacles with a can-do attitude.

Here are a few from the day…

Examples of Headshot Photographer in Hampshire

Thanks to Emma and the team for making me very welcome on the day. To find out more about my headshot photography, head to my Business Headshots page.